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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 What is Ad Posting Job?
Answer Ad Posting Job, is very simple job where all you’ve to do is to Post Ads on different Classified Websites.

Is there any working hours?

Answer  No, you can work 24hrs at any of your convenient time & place.

Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?

Answer  Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18 Years.

How much can I earn this program?

Answer  According to the Membership Packages you choose, you can earn from Maximum as you can.

How to get started?

Answer  Pay us the Registration Fees according to the Earning Plan you choose, Click on the Register Now link and Fill the Registration Form, On receipt of your payment & form, we will provide access link on your email within 48hours, all work details will be sent to your E-mail Address & Member Area.

What are the basic requirements to get started for this Ad Posting Job?

Answer To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, and you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. This Job is available world wide & one can work from any place, any time.

When I’m going to get my payment?

Answer  When your account balance is 10$

From where will I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds websites?
Answer After getting registered with us, we will provide you the username and password of your member’s area, which contains different ad matters, free classified websites. Here you don’t have to search anything, everything will be in member’s area. All you need is to copy and paste the AD Matter provided by FiveStarWork.com into classified websites

Is there any limitation on Ad posting?

Answer There is no time limit for Ad posting, you can work whenever you want as per your convenience, no restrictions. There is no daily posting limit, you can post any numbers of Ads. Everyday you can login and check your live earning stats

What is the minimum ads i should post per month?

Answer We recommend you to post more than 50 ads everyday or minimum 300 ads per month.

Can i login to multiple account with same IP or Computer?

Answer No FSW stickily prohibited that No one member login multiple account with same IP address.

Can i use same Dynamic IP address to login the account?

Answer No you can use Static IP address to login your ad posting account , One account for one Static IP .

If i open multiple account with same computer or IP address what should do?

Answer If you login multiple ad posting account with same computer or IP then your all accounts are disabled .

If my account are disabled what i can do?

Answer You need to verify your account with CNIC, Passport, Utility Bill and also send tax Payer Certificate .

When the next step i send all the document to FSW?

Answer Now you should Create a New account and UPGRADE your account at SECURITY DEPOSIT of your account type, if you have ULTIMATE account then you need to UPGRADE a new account as ULTIMATE SECURITY DEPOSIT which is 50% of your Ad Posting Package such as ULTIMATE SECURITY DEPOSIT is in Upgrade in $ 500 .

What next when i UPGRADE a NEW account as SECURITY DEPOSIT?

Answer Now you send the SECURITY DEPOSIT ACCOUNT info at info@fivestarwork.com or give all the info in live chat then FSW team Activate your disabled account .

Is security deposit is return after the account is matured or end day or the my account ?

Answer Yes you received the security deposit amount when your ad posting account is matured or expired  .

Can i use the my own reffrel link to create the account  ?

Answer NO you not create the account with your own referral link if you can do this your all account are disabled  .

In a single Website, How many Ads I can Post in a single day?
Answer In a single classified website, you should publish not more than one number of Ads. You will get different Ad Matters & classified websites. So better place different ads in different websites.

Will the company provide training ?
Answer We provide online training .

Do you offer any type of support or assistance?
Answer Yes! We offer 100% member support. You can email us anytime, ask questions, and get advice. In order for us to succeed, our members must succeed.

Is there any Registration fees?

Answer Yes According to your Plan

How do I pay the Membership fees?

Answer  Perfect Money, Bitcoin, OKPAY, Payeer

Is there any chance of getting my account terminated?

1) Your Ad Posting Account will be terminated only in the below mentioned cases:
2) If you do not post any ads or at least 100 ads for 3 consecutive months.
3) If you are posting Ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.
4) If you are altering and pasting the Ad matters without intimating us or without our permission.
5) If you are violating any of our company rules and regulation.

How you will send my payment?

Answer Your payments will be sent by Cheque, Electronic Currency(Perfect Money,BitCoin,OKPAY) .

Where will I get the ad matters for job ?

Answer In your Dashboard / Panel Area.

Where company save all out funds ?

Answer company save all funds in BTC-E

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